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Friday, January 11, 2013

What is a Holistic Health Exam? Do I need one?

It's the New Year and we are all working toward bettering our health and meeting our personal New Year's Resolutions, most of which center around getting healthier! Health is a dynamic and very personal process, different for each one of us. Your health is ever changing and what you are doing today, right now, is what will dictate the type of health you will have in the future. Every day and with every action you take you are either contributing to creating strong and lasting health or contributing to decreasing your health. A Holistic Health Exam allows you to understand if what you are doing right now is in fact contributing to higher levels of health in the future, or if you are setting the stage for a lifetime of deteriorating health. 

We know most causes of death in the U.S., 75% of all deaths in fact, are caused by avoidable nutritional and lifestyle factor diseases. While that number is related to deaths, it also indicates 75% of us will get sick, continue to get sicker and eventually die from something that is avoidable. What this tells us is the most commonly accepted ways of eating and living are decreasing our health over time to such a degree that a disease eventually will evolve. Many of us don't regularly think about how we will spend the last years of our lives, but I have personally had to come face to face with it as two of the most important people in my life age and are faced with a myriad of health problems. Nearing 80, they have been plagued over the past few years with a never ending increasing cycle of health problems, doctors visits and prescription drugs. As they continue to increase the frequency with which they visit the doctor, the number of medications they take, and the number of times they must go to the hospital it becomes very clear that how you care for your body over the years dictates if and how sick you will become as you age.  Many people begin seeing their first health symptoms in their late 30's and early 40's. Many of us have health problems we have come to just live with. If you are on any type of prescription drug or regular over-the-counter medicine you are experiencing a health problem, a health problem that will continue to get worse, a health problem you don't have to live with. 

I will give you some examples of common health problems that most of us just resign ourselves to living with:

  • Weight issues
  • Low energy levels
  • Skin problems
  • Constipation
  • Chronic Headaches
  • Anxiety
  • Allergies

and there are many more. These health problems are directly related to nutritional and lifestyle practices. Health symptoms such as these, indicate something is wrong with your diet and/or lifestyle practices. These types of health problems can be completely resolved without 
medications, constant doctor visits or over the counter medications. 

What are we currently doing to care for our health and is it working? Most of us try to get in our regular health exams with our medical doctor and some of us try to eat healthy and exercise. Yet, by looking at the statistics we see that whatever it is we are doing, to care for our health, is not working! The U.S. life expectancy is only 42nd in the world among developed countries. The World Health Organization, in 2000, ranked the U.S. health care system as the highest in cost, 37th in overall performance and 72nd by overall level of health. 72nd in overall level of health! Our current health care system is facing major challenges. In no other sector of business do consumers continue to spend their money, massive amounts of money none the less, on a product rated a dismal 72nd in overall production. On top of that low ranking it is estimated that medical doctors now spend less then 10 minutes per patient per visit, due to managed health care rules and the shear number of people in the system. How much information can a doctor gather about the total picture of what is happening in your body in less than 10 minutes? Not much.  Yet with every sneeze, cough and fever we continue to run to our local medical doctors spending thousands of dollars, filling our bodies with overpriced toxic drugs and continuing to stay blind to the fact that although we are one of the most developed and wealthiest nations in the world we are the sickest. We can do better! Better yet, we MUST do better!

Candice Marley has developed a different approach to health. This approach takes into consideration the two most important contributors to your health and well being ~ your diet and lifestyle practices ~ in a convenient twice yearly Holistic Health Exam. By evaluating both diet and lifestyle practices she can determine if what you are currently doing is increasing your health in a way that will lead to a lifetime free of sickness, disease and pain, or if your current diet and lifestyle practices are degrading your body and health while setting the stage for more serious health concerns down the road. Candice's Holistic Health exams include a personal consultation with diet and lifestyle analysis. After your Holistic Health Exam you will receive a report of her findings, listing the areas in need of attention. This allows you to target the exact areas that need to be modified to increase your health and create a lifetime of natural health. This exam is the best place to start if you are interested in learning more about the benefits of natural, holistic health care or if you are interested in bettering your health naturally in 2013. Holistic Health Exams should be done every 6 months to ensure you stay on track and continue building your health. They are perfect for children as well to create a healthy foundation, ensure your child's health stays on track and are a great way to care for your child's health naturally and from a preventative approach. 

A complete Holistic Health Exam takes 60 minutes and is $75. This includes an hour consultation with diet and lifestyle analysis  After your appointment you will receive a report with the findings as well as recommendations in both diet and lifestyle for increasing health. 

Candice also offers a FREE Holistic Health Exam to all new patients. It includes a 30-minute consultation with diet and lifestyle analysis and a report of findings. After that you can continue working with Candice to learn the best strategies and recommendations to increase your health based on your report of findings. 

Make this the year you begin really caring for your health in a complete and natural way. Make this the year you get your Holistic Health Exam!

Candice Marley is a Holistic Health Practitioner, Holistic Nutritionist, Herbalist, Wellness Coach and owner of Align Holistic Health & Well Being. Candice helps people all over the world create vibrant health, greater energy, radiant beauty and a lifetime of health without disease or pain naturally and holistically. She uses a combination of natural ways of eating, balanced lifestyle practices, medicinal herbs, holistic living strategies and wellness coaching to excel at creating vibrant, lasting health in people just like you! In fact, most people report feeling higher levels of energy and greater health within a week of their first appointment. You can download her free e-book The 5 Key Strategies for Creating Vibrant Health at www.alignholistichealth.com.

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